The Process

The IS Journal Market Place provides a fast evaluation of each submission, thereby creating a basis for journals to select those articles they would like to further develop.

1. The market review process

  • Authors submit manuscripts to the market to the relevant domain, initially Green IS for the pilot.
  • A managing SE is assigned and reviewers sought from the domain expertise pool
  • Reviews will be limited to three pages. We want reviewers to focus on the forest and not the aesthetics of each twig.
  • Reviewers will address four issues:
    • Has the author established a case for the article’s contribution and its degree of novelty?
    • Has the author provided sufficient evidence (e.g., rigor of methodology) to support the claims of the article?
    • Does the quality of writing and presentation meet publication standards?
    • What significant revisions will the author need to make to create a publishable article?
  • The reviewer will score each of the four issues on a 1-5 scale and an additive and  multiplicative indices for the submission will be computed.
  • The author will receive the reviews and have two weeks, with a limit of two pages, to respond to the reviews by (1) pointing out errors made by the reviewers and (2) providing a revision plan.
  • Depending on the consensus among the reviewers and the author’s response, either one or more of the AIS editorial team will prepare a report on the submission for journal EICs.
  • All reviews will be scored on a 1-10 scale by authors and the AIS editor(s) handling the paper. Once a reviewer has completed more than five reviews their average author and AIS editor scores will be made available private to the reviewer. We wish to avoid a focus on a particular review or submission and we hope to support reviewers by providing feedback on how authors have perceived their reviews.

2. Journal selection 

  • EICs are notified of the completion of the evaluation of a submission and invited to consider its fit to their publication criteria.
  • One or more EICs express an interest in further development of a submission towards potential publication in their journal.
  • Authors select one of the offers they have received by journals.

3. Paper development process

  • The manuscript will be further developed according to the journal’s guidelines, and the market will have no further role in the evaluation process, though a journal could elect to continue to use of the original reviewers.
  • The AIS editorial team will track the final publication decision for each paper and make these data available (e.g., Journal x accepts y% of all articles transferred to its process; the average turn around time of papers after hand over from the market is z months). We believe these data will be useful for authors when deciding with whom to publish and will also encourage journals to build a reputation of helping authors to publish.