The Idea

The IS Journal Market Place intends to accelerate  the publication process in Information Systems by creating a market for academic journal articles. The purpose of the market is to establish relatively quickly a ‘value’ for an article to accelerate the match between an article’s contribution and a journal’s publication criteria.


  • All articles submitted to the market will receive a fast evaluation by three domain knowledgable reviewers and one or more SEs. Author will be given two weeks to respond to the reviewers’s reports before the SE’s report is written.
  • The package of article, evaluations, and responses will be made available to selected journal EICs, who  can then directly contact authors to discuss revision of their work with a view to publication in their journal. Ideally, the author is contacted by multiple EICs.
  • As it is in the interests of the authors, evaluated articles will be made available to a wide selection of editor-in-chief to help the author quickly establish a likely publication outlet. The journal will retain full authority over the review and publication process once an article moves from the market to a specific journal.
  • While the intention is to operate a market, it will not be completely open. Access to the initial submission will be restricted to reviewers, market editors, and selected EICs.

Please see the detailed process for further information.


The IS Journal Market Place is beneficial in a number of ways:

For authors

  • Faster publication cycles, reduced ambiguity and throughput time by presenting an evaluated submission to multiple journals in parallel.
  • Better matching supply and demand by allowing journals to bid for submissions that fit their goals.
  • Improved paper development by the accelerated AIS review process.
  • Reviewers and SEs with a specialist knowledge of the topic

For reviewers and market SEs

  • A working market would reduce the load on reviewers as articles would find a publication outlet faster.
  • We have specifically limited the length and content of the review, so reviewing should take less time and be more focused.
  • Reviewers and market SEs can specialize in their main topic(s) of interest, and thus it will be easier for them to stay abreast of new developments.
  • Reviewers could choose, for example to share their review ratings as part of their promotion and tenure package. They could provide objective evidence that their reviews are a positive contribution to the community.

For journals

  • Better allocation of editorial resources.
  • The market puts a ‘value’ on a submission.
  • Journals increase their opportunity to select which papers to publish, rather than authors making the decision by deciding to whom they submit.
  • Valuable pre evaluation of papers by the accelerated market review process.

For the IS field

  • Increased publications speed and accelerated academic discourse.
  • Reduced reviewing load, and possibly more timely and higher quality reviews.
  • Demonstrating leadership in innovating publication practices.


The market place is an initiative of IS scholars,  who are currently piloted it for submissions in the GreenIS domain. This pilot has the support of the AIS VP for Publications and the editors of several IS journals.